Welcome to the home page for Open Road Morgans of Bellville, Texas.

We raise Lippitt Morgans, the “old style” Morgans with talent and personality to perform on the trail, or in the show ring. Lippitt Morgans carry the highest percentage of original Justin Morgan blood and continue to give that “Morgan look” in this special family. The Morgan horse is the first registered breed in the US. The breed has it’s place in America’s history and the Lippitt Morgan stays true to that heritage.

Follow through the pages to visit each of our Lippitts. Our Lippitts are primarily Moro Hill bred. We have both “old” and “new” Moro Hill lines in our breeding program. Our junior sire Open Road Blaze of Glory also has Tradition breeding, Open Road Carrie Moro is strong in Allen’s Major blood and Open Road Anna Caree Moro is a Jake Mint daughter. If you need more information on our Lippitts or about Lippitt Morgans, please contact us.


Open Road Morgans

7099 FM 331 NSunset at the Farm

Bellville, TX 77418

Phone: 713-927-3759

Email: openroadmorgans@yahoo.com